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Laxmi Kallicharan

Laxmi Kallicharan was born in Guyana.

She was one of the finest pioneers of Indo-Guyanese cultural awareness. Her use of radio and television for cultural promotion was innovative. She also organized and presented cultural programmes, the first being Lala Rukh. She staged her first show in the early 1970s when there was considerable resistance within the ruling PNC to regard Indo-Guyanese culture as being truly Guyanese. Her work included the organization of dance and music shows, the organization of an important photographic exhibition of Indo-Guyanese history and artifacts, and the publishing of Shraadanjali (1986), a little anthology of Indo-Guyanese poetry.

Tragically, she died in a fire in early 2002, a loss to Guyana's cultural life that cannot be replaced.

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