Jeremy Poynting talks to Bookseller about ACE advice on political statements

The Bookseller recently ran an article titled "ACE clarifies advice on 'political statements' but trade figures still concerned about threat to free speech". Peepal Tree Managing Editor Jeremy Poynting sent a letter to The Bookseller outlining his response to the new Arts Council guidance; numerous other ACE-funded publishers also spoke to the publication. Only part of Jeremy's letter was published, but the rest can be found below the link to the article.

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#WATCH: Guyanese Love Poems (Moray House Trust)

The Moray House Trust's third annual recital of poems on the theme of love includes Martin Carter's "Letter 2" (written while he was imprisoned at Atkinson Field), as well as poems by Michael Aarons, Stephanie Bowry, Juanita Cox, Robert (Bobby) Fernandes, Keon Heywood, Lloyd Marshall, Ian McDonald and others. The recital lasts half an hour.

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#WATCH: Brathwaite on Carter (Moray House Trust)

Moray House published readings from an essay by the late Kamau Brathwaite, entitled "Martin Carter's Poetry of the Negative Yes". In the essay, Brathwaite explores the metaphysical in Martin's poems. Brathwaite pays particular attention to the poems: "I am No Soldier", "With that Loan", "Bent", and "Ground Doves". These readings commemorate Martin Carter's birthday and form part of the Moray House Trust Samaan Tree Series.

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