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Dwight Thompson Delivers Hard-Hitting Coming-Of-Age Tale With Debut Novel

Peepal Tree Press is proud to announce the publication of Death Register. In this searingly honest debut novel, Jamaican author Dwight Thompson fearlessly and candidly explores themes of homophobia, emerging sexuality, identity, and the devastating effects of abuse.

Chauncey Knuckle, as both a developing writer and the protagonist in this coming-of-age tale, is presented with honesty and humanity, and he is brought to life with a true ambivalence that is only fitting for such a complex character. 

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#WATCH: Ann-Margaret Lim's 'Countryman'

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Peepal Tree authors at the Miami Book Fair 2018

A number of Peepal Tree authors are present at this year's Miami Book Fair 2018. Make sure you don't miss out!

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Saturday 17 November

11:30 am – After Irma, After Maria, Caribbean Women Writing the Storms, with Edwidge Danticat (Haiti/USA), Loretta Collins Klobah (Puerto Rico), Jessica Nydia Pabón-Colón (Puerto Rico) and Tiphanie Yanique (Virgin Islands).

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Filigree in the writing of Black British poets

The absence of ‘filigree’ from everyday use means there were no obvious or pre-ordained routes to approaching the word, giving the poets free rein to draw from it what they would and play with the subtleties of what they found. The subsequent poetry that fills the pages of this anthology is rich with different styles and forms. Take, for instance, Akila Richards’ first line in ‘Al zhie mer’: ‘Mem orisha ng lik e bird nests’.

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#WATCH: Roy McFarlane reading from Filigree

Roy McFarlane reads 'Dancing with Ghosts' at the Kadija Sesay & Friends event at the Barbican Library. This was part of the first preview reading from Filigree: Contemporary Black British Poets, published under our Inscribe imprint. Roy knows how to deliver 'Pentecost' as poetry!

Roy's new collection is called The Healing Next Time with Nine Arches Press - JUST  OUT!

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Ann Margaret Lim writes about Heroes Day for the Gleaner

Ann Margaret Lim's Heroes Day column for the Jamaica Gleaner opens:

Heroes Day always gets me thinking about our past and present and how interlinked they are. There are present-day heroes, but somehow I keep going back to our ancestors and thinking that many of them were unsung heroes, and as a poet, I believe in telling their stories and giving them a chance to be seen, heard, and remembered.

She includes excerpts from 'On Reading Thistlewood's Diary'.

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Scroll.in interviews Kiran Shiva Akal, son of Savi Akal Naipaul

In an interview with Scroll.in, Kiran Shiva Akal (son of Savi Akal Naipaul) talks about his new Chai Rum. He also mentions his mother's book and his relationship with V.S. Naipaul.

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Image: Chai Rum

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#WATCH: Aisha Phoenix reading from Filigree

Aisha Phoenix reads her poem 'Seasons of the Cloth' in Filigree: Contemporary Black British Poets, published by Inscribe/Peepal Tree at the Kadija Sesay & Friends event on  8 October 2018, Barbican Library.

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#WATCH: Michael Campbell reading from Filigree

Michael Campbell, reads his Filigree poem 'Maroon' at Kadija Sesay & Friends Barbican Library, Monday 8 October 2018. It was a phenomenal night.

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Jeremy, Tanya Shirley talk poetry on BBC Radio 4

Jeremy and Tanya Shirley discuss poetry on BBC Radio 4's Front Row.

Listen to the programme.

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