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Call for submissions: Race, Gender, Austerity Hope and Resistance

Please circulate widely. Shared here for information only (this isn't a Peepal Tree project).

Race, Gender, Austerity Hope and Resistance strategy, organisation and change

An open call for intersectional articles, images, photography, artwork, graphic novel extracts, satirical cartoons and poetry by women.

On the themes of race, gender, austerity, hope and resistance - strategy, organisation and change.

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Ricantations recommended for National Poetry Day

Ricantations by Loretta Collins Klobah has been selected as a National Poetry Day recommendation for 2018.

The National Poetry Day Book Group also added its notes on the book for a readers' guide targeting book clubs, students and teachers. The book will also be distributed to book groups in association with NPD partner, The Reading Agency.

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Two reviews in Caribbean Beat

Shivanee Ramlochan reviews Ricantations and Kitch for Caribbean Beat.

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Shivanee Ramlochan interviews Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné

'A sense of the inner wildness, the “untameness” that is always beneath the surface of people and places, is what drives many of the poems. In the process of writing and editing Doe Songs, I tried to access that inner wildness and to learn to see it in everything, to acknowledge that the domestic and the wild, the gentle and the feral are bound together so closely in all living things and places,' says Danielle.

Read the interview in full.

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Read and listen to Shara McCallum's 'No Ruined Stone'

'This poem is part of a manuscript that bears the same title, No Ruined Stone, and is an alternate account of history, based on the life of eighteenth-century Scottish poet Robert Burns. The real Burns very nearly migrated to Jamaica to work as a bookkeeper on a slave plantation.

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Khadijah Ibrahiim on BBC Radio 4: Writing Yorkshire

Peepal Tree Press took part in a BBC Radio 4 Extra showcase programme ‘Writing Yorkshire’. The programme will be broadcast on Saturday 15 September on BBC Radio 4 Extra at 9am and then again at 7pm. The show will feature poet Khadijah Ibrahiim.

Image: Sam Toolsie

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Loretta Collins Klobah makes Guardian Poem of the Week

Carol Rumen's Poem of the Week in The Guardian this week is 'Spathes' by Loretta Collins Klobah.

Rumens notes that 'Spathes seems to bind together the various aspects of women’s creativity – sexuality, motherhood and artistic production – alongside the symbolism of political regeneration'.

Read the poem in full at The Guardian.

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Valda Jackson: Still Holding On

This work is constructed from images created over decades. Photographs taken 50-60 years ago are positioned with studio images against a background of English oak. In the centre is ‘Waiting’, a charcoal painting made 30 years ago. Farthest left, a more recent drawing in graphite is balanced by a newer work, a painting still in progress. The figures represent children whose parents came to Britain from the Caribbean between 1948 and the 1970s. The children might have come with their parents, some would have travelled alone to join parents, and some were born here.

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Editing for Success: Strengthen Your Inner Editor & Make Your Writing Irresistible with Mahsuda Snaith

Saturday 22 September,, 11am-4pm
Leeds (venue TBC)
Book online now.


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Interview with Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné at Plum Season

Check out the interview with Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné at Plum Season.

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