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Poem: 'Please Send Me Flowers' by Jennifer Rahim

Photo by Deepak kumar on Unsplash


Please Send Me Flowers

(Thinking about "Fuck your Lecture on Craft, My People are Dying" by Noor Hindi)

by Jennifer Rahim


What if, today, I write this line,


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Bookseller interview with Marvin Thompson: 'How could I be a poet if Black artists did not exist?'

The Bookseller features a wonderful interview with Peepal Tree poet Marvin Thompson. The interview is available in print and online now.

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Wilson Harris at 100: Celebrating the centenary of the spellbinding Guyanese writer, 1921–2018

Born in New Amsterdam, in what was then British Guiana, on 24 March, 1921, Wilson Harris is considered one of the most original writers of the twentieth century, for his fiction, essays, and poems exploring human history, metaphysics, and the natural world, in an inimitable style dense with metaphor, symbolism, and mythological reference.

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An Interview with John Robert Lee: A Caribbean Poet Who Lives in the Parish of St. Lucia, Part II

Acalabash has published the second part of its interview with St Lucian poet John Robert Lee.

John speaks about his dedications, his inspirations and his advice for young poets:

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Monique Roffey's top 10 mermaids for The Guardan

Monique Roffey has penned an article, 'Top 10 books about mermaids', for The Guardian. You can read it online now.

Monique writes:

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Nii Ayikwei Parkes' The Geez makes PBS Winter 2020 Recommendations list

Nii Ayikwei Parkes' latest collection of poems, The Geez, has made the Poetry Book Society Winter 2020 Recommendations list. The book received a wonderful review by Andrew McMillan and Nii himself wrote a short essay for the magazine, along with his poetry recommendations. In the essay, Nii talks about the origins of his book:

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A Pocket Guide to Writing (Good) Sex by Leone Ross

Over at the Spread the Word website, Leone Ross has written A Pocket Guide to Writing (Good) Sex!

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Listen to Monique Roffey and Samira Ahmed on Front Row

With the Booker shortlist featuring books which deal with trauma, BBC Radio's Front Row explores the issues for writers in writing about trauma in both fiction and non fiction with writers Meg Rosoff and Monique Roffey, and the critic Suzi Feay. Monique talks about writing on trauma with Dodo Ink for their upcoming anthology, TRAUMA: Art as a response to mental health.

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#WATCH: Claudia Jones Memorial Lecture 2020 hosted Marc Wadsworth

Hosted by Marc Wadsworth, the annual Claudia Jones Memorial Lecture, organised by the National Union of Journalists, this year features Dr Francesca Sobande. Sobande is a lecturer in Digital Media Studies at JOMEC, with research interests and expertise in issues related to race, gender, structural inequalities, media, and the marketplace.

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Comrade Sak profiled in Eastern Eye

An article on Marc Wadsworth's Comrade Sak and the legacy of Shapurji Saklatvala appeared recently in Eastern Eye (Issue 1582, Friday 30 October 2020, page 14).

In his book, Wadsworth concludes: “As Saklatvala repeatedly charged, and is documented in my book, Labour in power frequently displayed attitudes and practices towards empire, colonialism and, frankly, in the racist immigration laws it brought in, that differed little from those of the Conservatives.

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