Event: Taking Black Writers Seriously 2

Thursday 25 November 2021, 6-8pm GMT/UTC
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Are you a Black Writer in Britain interested in writing for TV and film? Then read on.

About this event

If you want to reach wide audiences with your writing, Taking Black Writers Seriously is an introductory session, with a Q&A, to find out why choosing a career to create and write feature films and drama series is now a good choice.

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Nikheel Gorolay: Tips for staying disciplined

by Nikheel Gorolay

To be honest, I haven’t learnt any new writing tips or tricks over the past year and a half – just finding the time to write at all has often been a challenge. The pandemic has been tough, both personally with the loss of friends and family, and professionally, as what was already set to be a busy time for me was compounded by an inflated workload, as a direct result of the actions taken by the government in response to the outbreak. 

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