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Esther Phillips writes about MP Richard Drax, Drax Hall and reparations

Image: Drax Windmill & Drax Hall, Barbados, West Indies, Unknown author, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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Marvin Thompson on being shortlisted for the Wales Book of the Year 2021

Marvin Thompson has been shortlisted for Wales Book of the Year Poetry Award 2021. The prize is open to a public vote, so anyone can vote for their favourite author.

Meanwhile, Marvin spoke to the prize organisers, Llenyddiaeth Cymru, to say what it means to him to be shortlisted.

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Interview with Winsome Monica Minott

Monica Minott has been interviewed by HJ Book Blog, where she talks about her latest collection, Zion Roses:

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Fortune with black gold...a writer’s explosive love letter to Trinidad

In 'Fortune with black gold...a writer’s explosive love letter to Trinidad', Ira Mathur interviews Amanda Smyth for the T&T Guardian.

This is a love letter to Trinidad. I come and go and not belong. Sitting in a house in Leamington, Trinidad’s landscape symbolises what I love and the connection I have to Trinidad. I saw the landscape as another character. The land is a canvas on which their longings play and are mirrored back to them. The characters see it differently, but the earth couldn't care less.

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Off the Shelf: Oil and Love - interview with Amanda Smyth

Amanda Smyth was recently interviewed by The Big Issue in the North. In the magazine, she talks about the seeds of her latest novel, Fortune, and what drew her to tell this story:

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Shara McCallum: I Love Myth

Opal Palmer Adisa has interviewed Shara McCallum on Opal's website. Speaking about the inspiration behind her latest book, No Ruined Stone, Shara says:

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Fortune makes LoveReading, Republic of Consciousness #BookOfTheMonth lists

Amanda Smyth's latest novel Fortune has been selected for Book of the Month lists by both LoveReading and the Republic of Consciousness.

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Poem: 'Please Send Me Flowers' by Jennifer Rahim

Photo by Deepak kumar on Unsplash


Please Send Me Flowers

(Thinking about "Fuck your Lecture on Craft, My People are Dying" by Noor Hindi)

by Jennifer Rahim


What if, today, I write this line,


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Bookseller interview with Marvin Thompson: 'How could I be a poet if Black artists did not exist?'

The Bookseller features a wonderful interview with Peepal Tree poet Marvin Thompson. The interview is available in print and online now.

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Wilson Harris at 100: Celebrating the centenary of the spellbinding Guyanese writer, 1921–2018

Born in New Amsterdam, in what was then British Guiana, on 24 March, 1921, Wilson Harris is considered one of the most original writers of the twentieth century, for his fiction, essays, and poems exploring human history, metaphysics, and the natural world, in an inimitable style dense with metaphor, symbolism, and mythological reference.

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