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This anthology creates a dichotomy between the comfortable and the mysterious, providing a glimpse into hidden worlds and human nature; tantalizing in its mystique and refreshing in its insight into the minds of these exceptional Black British writers. It provides us with the opportunity to see what was previously unknown and to learn from what we see; to grow from what begins as a partial view but quickly transforms into the larger perspective. Secrets are uncovered; creatures are found; bodies buckle, whisper, float. In these stories we glimpse the dark and the light.


Leone Ross (Editor)
Fiction, Short Stories
Date published
24 Nov 2022

“These brilliant Black British creatives are writing themselves into speculative pasts and futures, widening an ever-growing circle of new visionary work that reimagines identities and cultures in a masterful form that readers love, the short story.”
Sheree Renée Thomas, 
Editor, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Glimpse is the first anthology of speculative fiction by Black British writers, showcasing a variety of distinctive and exclusive narratives. They include Afrofuturistic, magic realism and transformational stories, glancing into different worlds and new lives.  These stories create a dichotomy between the comfortable and the mysterious, tantalizing in their mystique and refreshing in their insight. 

The contributors include award winning and internationally renowned fiction writers, poets and visual artists: Patience Agbabi, Muli Amaye, Alinah Azadeh, Judith Bryan, Patricia Cumper, Joshuah Idehen, Melissa Jackson-Wagner, Peter Kalu, Ronnie McGrath, Katy Massey, Claudia Monteith, Chantal Oakes, Irenosen Okojie, Koye Oyedeji, Nii Ayikwei Parkes, Jeda Pearl, Aisha Phoenix, Akila Richards, Ioney Smallhorne and Gemma Weekes.

Editor: Leone Ross is a fiction writer and editor. Her latest novel is the New York Times’ Editor’s Choice This One Sky Day/Popisho (Faber/FSG, 2021). Described by the Times Literary Supplement as ‘a master of detail’, her fiction has been nominated for the Women’s Prize, the Goldsmiths award, the RSL Ondjaate award, and the Edge Hill Prize, among others. 

Dr. Reynaldo Anderson is an Associate Professor at Temple University in Africology and African American Studies, and the executive director and co-founder of the Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM).

Series Editor: Kadija Sesay is the Publications Manager for Inscribe, a professional writers development programme.

Cover artwork: Ronnie McGrath

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Leone Ross (Editor)

Leone Ross is a novelist, short story writer, editor, journalist and academic of Jamaican and Scottish ancestry. She was born in England and grew up in Jamaica. Her first novel, All The Blood Is Red was long listed for the Orange Prize, her second novel, Orange Laughter was chosen as a BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour Watershed Fiction favourite. In 2015, Leone was one of three judges for the Manchester Prize for Fiction.

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