Look At You
Look At You by Amanda Smyth -

a moving, sometimes shocking and sometimes funny account of a girl’s growing up in a divided family; shifting between Trinidad and England, while realising a sense of self. Stylish, and emotionally vivid, this arresting book tackles the complexities of identity, displacement and perception.
Amanda Smyth
ISBN number
Fiction, Novel
Country setting
Trinidad and Tobago
United Kingdom
Publication date
05 Dec 2024

Written with empathy, and the rigorous, lean prose of Raymond Carver, this is a moving, sometimes shocking, and sometimes funny account, of a girl’s growing up in a divided family. Shifting between Trinidad and England, the heroine attempts to piece together a sense of self, while searching for a place called home.

'Amanda Smyth writes like a descendant of Jean Rhys...a born novelist' ALI SMITH 

‘Smyth’s writing is as lushly beautiful as the landscape she describes’ THE TIMES 

‘Like Alice Walker, Smyth vividly and empathetically re-creates gender and racial tensions’ ELLE MAGAZINE

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Amanda Smyth

Amanda Smyth is Irish Trinidadian, and author of three novels, Black Rock, A Kind of Eden, and most recently, Fortune, which was shorlisted for the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction.
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