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Without Extremeties

When Babatunde and his friends gather in Mama T's famous peppersoup joint, they tell gist, jokes and stories to make sense of a world gone mad.


Dayo Okunlola
Fiction, Short Stories
Nigeria, United Kingdom
Date published
1 Sep 1991

These stories, as pungent and peppery as Mama T's soup, satirise the 'oppressocracy' of contemporary Nigeria in a bubbling mixture of pidgin and standard English, using forms as diverse as science fiction and the folk-tale. Corruption, overweening power and privilege, military copus and food shortages - these lunatic times are enough to drive a suffering people to despair, but Okunlola's characters refuse to see themselves as victims and the stories celebrate their ingenuity and resistance. So when a drunken Babatunde, an idiosyncratic speller at the best of times, is roped in to carve an inscription on a monument to be unveiled by a visiting world bank delegation, he somehow manages to get in the last word... 

'... these satirical pieces vividly bring to life conditions in contemporary Nigeria.' - Trinidad Sunday Guardian.

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Dayo Okunlola

Adeyo (Dayo) Okunlola was born in Nigeria in 1956.

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