Written by justbookingbrilliant for Instagram on Monday, June 7th, 2021

I found it incredibly moving and I loved the how the three stories and perspectives of Arcadia Rain, David Baptiste, and Aycayia all weaved into one narrative. It’s a story about love and loss, but also about the catharsis of change.


For a relatively short story, the characters are so well developed and I enjoyed living in their world for a few days. The imagery of the island and the mermaid is so vivid and Monique Roffey is so gifted in her writing. This is not a fantasy story with a guaranteed happily ever after, nor is it a tragedy with lovers torn apart. Instead it feels more like an insight into the turbulent lives of these people who are thrown together, and who all want to be loved in their own ways; Aycayia and David grow to love each other deeply and passionately, while Arcadia waits hopelessly for her love to return and meet their son. And when a hurricane comes and wrecks the island, what change will come from a clean slate?