Days and Nights of the Blue Iguana
Though they traverse the wider Caribbean and beyond, Heather Royes’ centre of gravity is always Jamaica (‘No exile -small sabbaticals’) which arouses in her both love and exasperation.
Heather Royes
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31 Jul 2005

Ancestors - a nomadic family ‘wandering up and down the islands’, family and place are described with a painterly, compassionate eye for telling detail. As the noted Caribbean critic Professor Kenneth Ramchand writes: ‘Ms. Royes is a considerable poet and an important interpreter of modern Jamaican experience. ' Her poems are laden with multiple meanings or levels. They move backwards, forwards and sideways through [the Caribbean’s] linguistic, cultural and historical continuums.’ The collection contains a generous selection from her first, now out of print book of poems, The Caribbean Raj.

Heather Royes was born and raised in Jamaica. She works as a consultant in HIV/AIDS and as a poet.


Heather Royes

Heather Royes works as a consultant in HIV/AIDS and as a poet. She has been publishing since the 1970s and many of her poems have been included in anthologies such as the Heinemann Book of Caribbean Poetry, Penguin Book of Caribbean Verse, the Oxford Book of Caribbean Verse and Seven Jamaican Women Writers.
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