Zion Roses: Dr. Velma Pollard 2021

Written by Velma Pollard for Spiderweb Publications on Monday, December 6th, 2021

In Zion Roses, Monica Minott takes us with great skill and elegance into a wide world where she responds passionately to ordinary people, cultural and historical icons, artists of all times and genres and to deep emotions all the while exhibiting an enviable knowledge of the bible, the classics and the environment of Jamaican life and language.

Here is the consummate artist and art lover praising all forms: dance, music, painting and celebrating practitioners of all.


There is a sure-footedness about these poems, a maturity of construction, of matching thought with word and rhythm which mark Monica Minott as a craftswoman at the height of her productivity. I join her many “fans” in saying that she has lived up to the promise of her first collection, Kumina Queen. Indeed, has surpassed it.