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Those who have followed Anson Gonzalez’s career will imagine they know his evolution from the engaged poet of the political turbulence of late 1960s, early 70’s Trinidad revealed in Score, to the confessional poet who adopted the persona of a Caribbean Don Juan in The Love-song of Boysie B., to the contemplative poet of spiritual exploration in Moksha: Poems of Light and Sound and Merry-go-round and Other Poems. In this new Collected Poems, along with a number of important new poems, Anson Gonzalez carefully disrupts such expectations by an arrangement that mixes poems from across the decades.
Anson Gonzalez
ISBN number
Country setting
Trinidad and Tobago
Publication date
14 Feb 2010


What this rearrangement reveals are consistencies of concern and approach, whatever the period. There is a compunction to truth-telling, however uncomfortable; there is a constant state of tension between the desire for involvement in the world (with the adoption of a prophetic voice to excoriate all that is unsatisfactory in it), and an attentiveness to the unbidden inner voices that speak of separateness and alienation; there is also an alertness to moments of unlooked for joy (and anguish) most often found in family and fatherhood. Above all, the poems speak of the impossibility of writing poems that do justice to the promptings that inspire them. In the process, Anson Gonzalez reveals himself as an everyman, an intensely Trinidadian man and a writer dedicated to the demands of art with his finger on the pulse of both the state of the nation and the state of the inner man.

Anson Gonzalez is a Trinidadian poet, critic, publisher and encourager of countless writing careers.


Anson Gonzalez

Anson Gonzalez began his career as a poet in the 1960s. Since then his poems have been published in numerous journals, newsletters, newspapers, and anthologies. In the early ’70s he began his life’s work of promoting poetry and the literary culture of the Caribbean, and Trinidad and Tobago in particular.
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