Until Judgement Comes: Stories About Jamaican Men
The stories in this collection move the heart and the head. They concern the mystery that is men: men of beauty who are as cane stalks swaying in the breeze, men who are afraid of and despise women, men who prey on women, men who have lost themselves, men trapped in sexual and religious guilt, men who love women and men who are searching for their humanity...
Opal Palmer Adisa
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Fiction, Short Stories
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Publication date
05 Feb 2007

The stories are framed by the memories of an old Jamaican woman about the community that has grown up around her. The seven stories are structured around wise sayings that the community elder remembers as her grandfather’s principle legacy, concerning the nature of judgement, both divine and human. Each story uses a saying as the starting point but the stories are far from illustrative tracts. From Devon aka Bad-Boy growing up with an abusive mother, to Ebenezer, a single man mysteriously giving birth to a child, to the womanizer Padee whose many women and children struggle to resolve issues with their father, each story reveals the complex, and often painful, introspective search of these men.


Opal Palmer Adisa

Opal Palmer Adisa is a Jamaica-born, award-winning poet, educator and storyteller. A performance poet and writer, she is the author of twelve books including: I Name Me Name, Until Judgement Comes & Caribbean Passion. Her poetry, essays and stories have been anthologized in over two hundred journals; she travels and shares her work internationally.
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