Place of birth
Trinidad and Tobago
Place of residence
Trinidad and Tobago
National identity
Trinidad and Tobago

Kevin Baldeosingh

Short biography
Kevin Baldeosingh was born in 1963 in Trinidad. He was educated at the University of the West Indies, where he also got a BA. He is a novelist and newspaper columnist. He writes two weekly newspaper columns: a satirical column in the Weekend Independent and a slightly sarcastic one for the Trinidad Express.

Kevin Baldeosingh is a freelance journalist and the author of three novels. Over the past 18 years, he has worked for all three daily newspapers in Trinidad and Tobago as a columnist, editorial writer, feature writer, and editor.

A well known commentator on social issues, his interests cover philosophy, science, psychology, education and economics.

"Kevin Baldeosingh is a writer with a funny bone, a far cry from the traditional Caribbean novelist: here social realism is couched within an ambient irony-cum-satire… without the faintest Dryden-like "gentle raillery." World Literature Today.

"In a fit of comic brilliance, Baldeosingh has invented the Zelig-like Paras Parmanandansingh. His quixotic quest for Proper Behaviour provides ongoing laughter with just a few pauses to let readers catch a breath. Paras’s wild conceit and oblivious preposterousness allow readers to laugh at him, even at his comedic downfall. But what is central is Baldeosingh's sharp but loving, satiric commentary on all facets of Caribbean life, identity and self-hatred, the place of women and, above all, the inescapable love-hate relationship with the Empire." Publishers Weekly.