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Young BAME writers - apply to The Writing Squad 10

Photo by Eye for Ebony

The Writing Squad are looking for the next cohort of 30 talented writers in the north of England aged between 16 and 21 to join the Squad. If that is you, or you know anyone who fits the bill then you can apply at the Writing Squad website.

They are offering the usual two year programme, which consists of:

  • one to one support on whatever our writers are writing
  • workshops led by professional writers
  • opportunities to work on projects
  • a supportive community of writers and artists
  • professional development advice and support

If you want to see where their Squad grads end up, check out their website.

You can meet some of the writers the Squad have worked with here.

And read about the Writing Squad team (which includes Malika Booker) and programme in more detail here.

Find out more information online.

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