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Tropical Storm Approaching Bermuda

In Angela Barry’s imminently to be published novel, The Drowned Forest (out on the 23rd June), a hurricane turns the lives of all the main characters upside down and divides the novel into a before and an after. Each of the characters is affected in different ways, and Angela Barry’s vivid writing makes us share their respective terrors. While hurricanes have long been part of the Caribbean’s experience of nature as hostile as well as providing, what all Barry’s characters share is their awareness that climate change has made Bermuda ever more vulnerable. As Angela writes in an email we received yesterday, “Tropical Storm Alex churns across the Atlantic towards us. Schools and public transport will be shut tomorrow as the bad weather sets in. We may even get hurricane force winds. Tomorrow will not be an extinction-level event. But what is crazy for people my age to get their heads around is that the hurricane season is supposed to start in August. No-one can remember it EVER starting in the first week of June. If we have a bad blow, the electricity will go down – let’s hope not for long.” She is safely battened down, but she shares her fellow islanders’ alarm that the hurricane season has come so early. As Merle Collins writes in ‘October, All Over’ (Lady in a Boat): …

June, too soon;

July, stand by; August, look

out, you must; September re-


member; October, all o-



We hope Angela and her fellow Bermudans keep safe.

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