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Towards Independence 1918-1961

Kitch Anthony Joseph
A Swarthy Boy Edgar Mittelholzer
Take My Word for It Ralph Thompson
Dark Swirl Cyril Dabydeen
Impossible Flying Kwame Dawes
Hurricane Andrew Salkey
High House and Radio Rooplall Monar
Years of Fighting Exile Milton Williams
The Woolgatherer Cecil Gray
The Wizard Swami Cyril Dabydeen
The Wild Coast Jan Carew
Web of Secrets Denise Harris
England and Nowhere Kevyn Alan Arthur
Eldorado West One Sam Selvon
Earthquake Andrew Salkey
Drought Andrew Salkey
The Crucifixion Ismith Khan
Snowscape With Signature Abdhur Rahman Hopkinson
The Coming of Lights Vishnu Gosine
Shades of Grey Garth St. Omer
Seduce Desiree Reynolds
The Children of Sisyphus Orlando Patterson
Sastra Lakshmi Persaud
Riot Andrew Salkey
Butterfly In The Wind Lakshmi Persaud
Providential Colin Channer
Progeny of Air Kwame Dawes
Black Lightning Roger Mais
Of Age and Innocence George Lamming
Angel Merle Collins
Nor any Country Garth St. Omer
New Day V. S. Reid
An Absence of Ruins Orlando Patterson
Limestone Anthony Kellman
The Last Ship Jan Lowe Shinebourne
The Last English Plantation Jan Lowe Shinebourne
The Last Enchantment Neville Dawes
Janjhat Rooplall Monar
‐ Home of the Best in Caribbean & Black British Writing ‐